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Class of 2015

Our last beginners sessions started in October 2015. We were delighted to welcome 7 new dancers who successfully completed learning the Mainstream programme. On the 29th July 2016, we held a graduation party, see photo, where six of the candidates successfully passed muster.

Congratulations to Sandra, Theresa, Mike, Julie, Michael and Heather (As well as Carmen who also graduated, but was unable to be present on the 29th).  We wish them many years of dancing pleasure. Our photo shows them together with our caller - Colin Pett.

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2017 has seen us celebrate the clubs 60th Anniversary

To celebrate, we held a dance last July at Chosen Hill School with Neil Whiston and James Wyatt, two of the most popular callers in the country leading the dancing.In the afternoon we held an A dance (this is for aficionados who have invested time to learn a more complicated set of moves), before our main dance in the evening where the calls were taken from the Mainstream and Plus programmes)

Click here for more details and photographs.


Our next Saturday night dances will be 28th April 2018, Rob Branson calling and 6th October 2018, with Paul Bristow calling. In between times our club focus will be on recruiting and helping a new cohort of beginners to learn to square dance.

Children in Need- Club Night on Friday 17th Nov raised over £55 . Thank you to everyone who contributed, but especially to Janet for making the cakes to sell.

Saturday 9th December Neil Whiston is calling for Centre Squares in Bristol

Friday 15th December   Christmas Party at St Margaret’s Hall.

Dancing, Pot Luck, Quizzes, Entetainment and The Christmas Hat Competition..make sure the date is in your diary. If, as an alternative to distributing Christmas Cards between members, you wish to make a donation to  Meningitus Now, a collection box will be at club on a Friday, along with a card to sign, which will be sent to the Charity along with our donation.

Friday 12th January Note for a change of venue, we will be dancing at the Hatherley & Reddings Cricket Club to a special Bob’s Disco. Bring your white flannel trousers or a best hat in order to provide a taste of summer

On Wednesday 17th January (Plus) and Friday 19th January (Club) we have John Boxall calling.

Friday 26th January will be an open mic evening, when as many club members or visitors are invited to have a go calling. If you want to call, let Rita know beforehand

Saturday 20th January  James Wyatt is calling in Cirencester at Deer Park School

Some News from the Past