“Cheltenham Swinging Squares”

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Des Fry Committee Member

My wife Kathlyn, saw an advert for the club in the local newspaper in 2013. We went along for a free “taster” session and enjoyed the whole evening. I was delighted to find this was something I could do, having never danced before.

I have taken responsibility for maintaining the club website from 4th December 2014.

Committee Members The Club is run by an elected Executive Committee HOME

Rita Holder (Bookings Secretary)

I started square dancing in 2004 with my husband Don.  We graduated in November and went to our first dance in Bristol the following evening, this was the beginning of an adventure and certainly a great social experience for us. We attend local dances and regularly travel to many parts of the UK, Germany, Malta, Spain and the USA for square dance holidays and weekends, hence we have made many friends and acquaintances over the years. One regret is that we did not hear about square dancing 10 years earlier. It's a fun and challenging hobby, do come and join us.

Stephen Pond (Chairman)

I started Square Dancing in 2006, invited to go by a friend, I had been trying to avoid it for some years; but found once there I enjoyed the dancing and friendship.

After a day at work it was a different way to unwind, but kept mind and body very active. We have danced in different countries and for a while we used our caravan and attended dance weekends all over the UK.

I also found square dancing a reasonable priced hobby compared to my other hobby of driving horses, although I now only drive for pleasure.

I spent some years on the committee and this year decided to go for the main job as chairman, in twelve months time the members can write and say if I have been any good.

Joyce Gilder  Catering Officer.

Joyce saw a poster in the local newsagents window in 1999 for a free Open Night for Square Dancing.  She went along as she had always loved dancing and says it was the best thing she had ever done.  Joyce graduated in 2000 and quickly became Catering Officer on the Club Committee..

Janet Banister
(Publicity Officer)

I have been dancing with Cheltenham Squares for almost 20 years. Nigel and I had just moved to Cheltenham when a friend asked us to go to an open evening he had seen advertised. We had danced to Square dance records before whilst in Cyprus.We went along and enjoyed the evening so much we decided to join the beginners class, a challenge dancing to a caller compared to records ( there were records in those days ). We have made Great Friendships, and a wonderful social life, we have mostly danced at the club and local dances. It is lovely to have exercise of mind and body with lots of pleasure involved.

Heather Anderson-Paine


I noticed a flyer at the gym (my second home) and decided square dancing sounded like something I might enjoy – a different kind of challenge. My younger sister had been telling me for months about the fun she was having square dancing with her local club so I attended an open evening.  I was concerned that I might not be able to participate because I wear hearing aids (I thought I wouldn’t be able to follow the Caller), but with support from the friendly and encouraging club members, it was a breeze, I soon began to recognise the patterns and combinations of steps and I graduated earlier this Summer. We have a healthy group of more than 40 regular members but we are always keen to welcome new potential dancers – even if all you want to do is come and watch at first.  So, if you are looking to meet new people in a friendly and laid back environment, and to do some gentle physical exercise whilst  stimulating your brain – then this could be for you! Come and join us!